Are you ready to be taken to a new world? Wizard World Richmond Recap: Oblitia

In Obliita, you command the most powerful gods, legends and monsters from world mythology in the battle for humanity, as you wage war against friends and foes alike. Use your minions unique elemental abilities to transform the terrain of the battlefield to suit your personal style and strategy. With their own elemental strengths and weaknesses, each terrain type can be used unleash epic levels of destruction upon your opponents.

This is the world of Oblitia. I had the honor of meeting 2 of the guys of the team at the Wizard World con in Richmond. When I first walked over I was curious. The name wasn’t one I knew or familiar with. The moment I walked up the first thing I noticed was the cards. They looked like a cross between trading card games and those cards they give out with codes on it for games. After I looked around for maybe 20 seconds is when I met 2 of the small team of developers. This became a meeting that had a great impact on me, as I’m just a casual gamer but I could see how this could become a huge game to everyone.

The game consists of over 300 creatures that you develop and cultivate. In the process they gain abilities that can effect the environment, weather, and terrain. Giving the potential for numerous variations on how the creatures can appear and react. Now like many that are reading I first thought of Pokemon. But you would be so wrong! The game is built to take the idea of an RPG, role playing game, but expand it in ways that other developers have never thought of, like quest battles and taking your online world to the next level. Imagine you and a friend talking about how you both have Agni, Vedic Fire God (one of the creatures from the game), you start talking about the features and attributes of your character. What you will start to notice is that your characters are nowhere near the same. The game allows for a true customization of your characters bringing you into a true experience of the game. After meeting and learning about the game from these guys I became super excited. I’ve always loved RPGs. From the simple games like Pokemon to games like Zelda and Final Fantasy. I feel this game will be right up there.

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New Things are Coming…

From NYFW to awards season. Fashion editorials and behind the scenes with some up and coming people who are about to make their mark. We also have game news, anime daily round-ups and more. With trips to SDCC and Coachella on deck, we only have more coming. So keep looking out.



Tech Tuesday: Tech News Spotlight CNet



For years now I have been involved with technology. From being on my fourth iPhone to my third laptop/fourth computer. I studied IT for a few years and still spend a huge amount of time on my computer or phone. I’m always connected. In saying that, one of my favorite news outlets is cNet. CNet is an all around great site. It covers news, tech reviews, answering questions, and also trial downloads. There isn’t much that you can’t find at cNet. Today i thought to inform you of them for my first Tech News Spotlight, because its a given that if you ask me a tech question, there the first place i’m going to. CNet was founded in 1994 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie. It was acquired by CBS in 2008. The media company/site is a great place to keep up to date on everything in the tech world. Add them to your favorites and i’m sure you will love them as much as I do.


CNet Official YouTube Page

CNet-Product Reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news


Tech Tuesday: Google is nesting!!!


On Monday Google purchased the company Nest for 3.2 billion in cash. This gives Google another link to the home. With their currently launch Google Chrome for TVs and home. I’m curious about how this will impact. Many users on the internet joke that you will need to sign up for Google plus before using the system. Google has not released this sort of news in a few years. I’m excited for the implications this acquirement could have. Its good for companies to push each other in the small tech market of Apple,Windows, and other tech companies. Now to see how all of this will apply in the future. What do you think?

Why Google Just Paid 3 Billion Dollars For a Thermostat Company?

Google Acquires Nest