Its 7/11 from 11 to 7



On the 11th of July nationwide 7-11 celebrates by handing out free small Slurpees. Well this year its pretty awesome because one we are just getting over a Hurricane and a group of storms here. 2. We can celebrate with our fellow fashion friends. Yes cheasy but yet fun.  Try fun interactive colors today. All about feeling as fun ad free as a Slurpee


Shirt- J Crew

Watch- Timex

Pants- Express

Tie- TopMan

Belt- Cole Haan

Slurpee- Courtesy of 7-11

Photography- Lo Garcia

Have fun on 7-11


So Complex Magazine has called me on my stuff!!!!!



10 Signs You’re a #Menswear Nerd

So perusing through my morning websites and I come across a small link for an article. Of course it’s one of those silly countdowns where you click through and see each slide for what it is. Most times I click, see things I like, and giggle a little(yes i did say giggle). Now the reason why this one made me stop, is that it IS an abundance of things that I myself do. I mean who doesn’t get sticker shock when they see how much cheese has gone up to? Am I the only one who is amazed that chips ahoys have gone up or I can’t get Pop Tarts for 2 dollars?(yes it sounds insane) Yet I will fork over 100 dollars for jeans. Yeah I’m that guy! This countdown may have been tailored(horrible pun I know) for me. Complex Magazine’s style section is probably in my top ten sites and today they truly hit it on the nose(or maybe I should say nicely made Italian leather belt).

10 Signs You’re a #Menswear Nerd:Complex