WBEB QuickCap: Gotham “Pilot”

this post does contain spoilers…so if you don’t wanna be spoiled watch the episode then come back for recap/review


Well we finally got the chance to see one of the most anticipated shows of this new season. Now there are a list of shows I wanna see this season, only one of which is on Fox. Nothing against Fox but they run slim when it comes to giving shows a chance. But lately thanks to The Following and Sleepy Hollow a little of that has changed. Well, Gotham brings us more excellence. If your a comic fan of DC’s Batman, then the series may have you. I say may because this series is more in the vein of Gotham Central. Gotham Central was a book about Gotham as a city from the eyes of the people who worked the streets for a living, the police. The series showed us how those who weren’t Batman still tried there hardest to both live in the city and protect the citizens. This is where the feeling of the series Gotham more then likely got its heart. Gotham I would classify as a police drama with a comic book background.

"I read somewhere that the term "Gothic" might possibly be derived from the word "Goetic" -- goes in the Greek -- meaning "magical." I'm beginning to believe that. If architecture could be used to focus and direct spiritual power, then... then... could it also be used for evil? " - Bruce Wayne

“I read somewhere that the term “Gothic” might possibly be derived from the word “Goetic” — goes in the Greek — meaning “magical.” I’m beginning to believe that. If architecture could be used to focus and direct spiritual power, then… then… could it also be used for evil? ” – Bruce Wayne

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Space Ghost Coast to Coast…well um er…Con to Con…Wizard World Richmond Recap: Cosplay

photo 1(9)Well readers, I had the fortunate chance of going to Wizard World Richmond recently. This was the first year of Wizard World bringing the Con here to Virginia. SO of course I felt fortunate and honored, most of all I had a grin ear to ear in being able to say I was at the first. I got to see Sean Patrick Flannery, Michael Rooker, Jason David Frank and more. The celebs I’ll hit you with later. This recap is all about the cosplay. Now if you have been to a con, whether its SciFi, Anime, Comic, or otherwise, you know there will be cosplay. Cosplay for the unknowing, is costume play. Its when a fan of the genre dresses up as one of their favorite character. It is probably one of the attracting things in going to cons. Yes you get to see celebs, yes you get to get exclusives just for you, and yes you get to nerd out at merchandise and vendors. But where do you get to go to meet people just like you that are at the peak of their love that they will spend who knows how long creating the likeness of their favorite characters. Not only do they have dedication, but they love when you know who they are playing. It’s the love of what they are doing. When I got to Wizard World, pratically an hour before the VIPs got to go to artist alley and the merchandise hall, I received my first “AAAAAAHH” cosplay moment. A young woman dressed as a Survey Corp Member from Attack on Titan. Not only was she cosplaying, but she had full manueveing gear. Like everything. I think i sat in awe as she put it on the whole time before I got up and asked for a picture. Also I spent 15 minutes in awe at the guy dressed as Space Ghost, who oddly enough us older knew who he was while younger ones were just in awe.

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Ben McKenzie is headed to police “Gotham”


Today things have been in an uproar!! Well not really but i thought I would say that for some reason. But I can say i was over the moon. So much that I tweeted actor Ben McKenzie. Why, you ask? Its because he has been cast as the young James “Jim” Gordon. Who all of us comic readers who are in the later parts of reading, he is now known as Commissioner Gordon. The actor will be apart of the cast and will soon start filming in NYC. This series has been alot of talk because when it was announced it already had a 12 episode pickup from Fox. Big because they haven’t even shot the pilot yet!  With news about DC’s Hourman and Flash coming to the small screen, i’m guessing Fox wants to make sure that they are up in all the comic fanboy hype. I wasn’t upset because I can see Ben as Gordon. He just comes off with the look. Most recently Ben McKenzie was seen playing a cop on TNT’s Southland. Of course, most of you who haven’t seen his recent work, know he was formerly on The OC. He has become so much more. If you haven’t seen the series Southland. Please check it out.



Fox’s Batman Prequel ‘Gotham’ Taps ‘Southland’s’ Ben McKenzie as Gordon

Fox’s ‘Batman’ prequel casts ‘Southland’ star in lead role

Gotham: Ben McKenzie Cast in Iconic Role in Fox’s Batman Origin Series

Batman/Superman Movie moving to May 2016! Strategic or already having problems!!



Most of the time when someone tells me that a movie that already has seemingly been on my “i don’t know” list is moving its opening date back, I smell issues. That’s what happened when I read the news from my inbox that Superman/Batman was being pushed back a year. I literally went “well this is not looking good”. DC and WB have been saying that this date opened up and they were happy to see how well it works for them. But they placed another movie, Peter Pan, into the slot which also hasn’t gonna into production yet. I thought it was odd. Now I am speaking in the past tense because I got a bit of other news in my inbox right after that. Apparently the date they chose is May 6th 2016, I’m sure most of us don’t keep every release date in existence written down. But maybe we should. That is also the date of an untitled Marvel movie. Marvel has locked in dates for all their future movies for the next few years. DC and WB have now picked a date that would put them toe to toe with Marvel/Disney. I started to think when I saw this that it may have been strategy. Also, that is 2016 date for Free Comic Day, the date that comic companies and local comic book retailers give special books away for free to customers. Was this planning once DC/WB saw the date on the calendar? Was this kismet? Hopefully the latter is true and they are hoping for more people to head to the theater because of the fanboy quality and not because they already are having issues. What do you think? I guess time will tell.


Batman/Superman movie bumped to 2016, sets up Marvel showdown

Batman/Superman movie delayed until 2016

Superman/Batman movie release date moved until May 6th 2016



New Comic Book Wednesday: On Our Pull List- 1/15/2014



Here’s what on our pull list today. As this is the first week, i’ll give you the rundown on how its going to go. Each week on Wednesday we will break down what on our pull list. The Norms- books we read that we have always read, and The Intrigues- the books that we wanna try out that we are curious about. Sometimes we will also have a special part called “The Most Wanted” those being talked about that we will read just to see if they are worth the hype(like crossovers, limited series and such). We will also direct you to places where you can discuss comics or hear reviews. Because we feel there are already great places for in depth discussions and we don’t wanna take that away. But please put in the comments any books we should read and any we should spotlight.


The Norms-




ALL NEW X-MEN #21-Marvel


NOVA #12-Marvel



UNCANNY X-MEN #16-Marvel

The Intrigues-









Like said above if you have any books that you wanna be spotlighted or anything you think is a good read…let us know,,and keep watching for Comic Book Spotlights throughout the week