My First Geek series….

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So people who come to the site may know about the podcast that we also do for the site. Well here we wanna let you guys in on the inner workings of that podcast. Also we wanna let you know what makes us “geeks”. So for the month of January we are gonna drop multiple podcasts. Ones that are shorter then our norm (like around 30 minutes). These podcasts will talk about our first geek experiences and where that has taken us. We will still discuss news and things, yet this will let you in on what brought us into our own. So check back each week on what makes us Geek. Also if you never listened we included our last ep about the Inhumans below. So tweet us at #MyFirstGeek and tell us your “First Geek” items, from anime to video games to comics and more. Also leave a comment on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podomatic for the show and tweet us @PaofKalEL on twitter.


The Asylum is open…


So tonight Monday January 5th, 2015, marks the return of our mild mannered law keeping cop James “Jim” Gordon to the screen. Tonight is also the night he starts his new job, security guard. Well at least after all he did last season during the mid season finale he has a job, in this economy that’s awesome sir. I will also note his job is probably worse now then it was before. Why you ask? Because he is now a security guard for Arkham Asylum, yes that Arkham. Tonight marks our first glimpse into the place that all Batman readers, cartoon watchers, and movie fans, have known for years. As far as I can recall, this will be the first time that Arkham will be shown in any of the Batman live action properties in detail. I’m excited to see where it goes. The show had problems in the beginning, with Gordon being very stoic and the archetype to a T of the boy scout with no faults. Also with Fish Mooney being over the top, scattered story lines that seemed disjointed and other things. By mid season a few things had been fixed, also with the hiatus time, there was time to fix more things. I’ve been a vocal supporter of this show because I love Gotham Central as a literary work (yes I said that because it’s so much more then the layman use of the word comic book, read it and you will understand). Tonight by adding Arkham they can add an element of drama, yet also add the suspense the show has truly been lacking. It can push Gordon into a corner and show that things are darker then he even could imagine in Gotham. Hopefully, I pray, they won’t use this to randomly add anymore people from Batman’s rogues gallery. One of my biggest misgivings of this series is the fact that they add numerous hints to the baddies that we know and love. IN adding these they lose their identity by trying to be loyal to the book. One thing I liked about Smallville and a few other DC properties is that if they did add a known villain, that person was still at risk of being killed or a change was made. We don’t need to show utter loyalty to the mythos. Reason being, most comic fans at this day and time know that they will change something, its a forgone conclusion. So they should take that freedom and if they add say Firefly, feel free to surprise us by killing him the next episode or make him a bigger threat. They should feel free to be their own property and work to just be a good drama. Saying all of this, I feel Arkham is a good start. Also you should watch closely tonight because a few familiar faces are making their debut with this return. Morena Baccarin(from Firefly and Homeland) playing Leslie Thompson a physician at Arkham debuts tonight. Well excited to see where it goes. I’ll be livetweeting the West Coast feed and on baited breath waiting to see the patients running the asylum.

UserFriendly Rated G: We are talking Saturday Morning cartoons…

So episode 3 of our podcast UserFriendly Rated G is out. We are talking comics, tv, and our love for Saturday morning cartoons. We spoke before about them leaving us and finally got the chance to drop our passion in audio form. Hit us back, give it a listen, and tell us ones that you will forever miss. This podcast was recorded late after watching a few cartoons and a little Power Rangers (may do a podcast on that sometime lol). So enjoy and tweet us. We also will be announcing a huge podcast series we will be doing in January so watch the site for that or the info of the podcast.


Episode 3: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Best night for the comic fanboy in me EVAH!!!

Tonight, Tuesday December 2nd, was the best night evah! Funny cause it wasn’t finale night for any of these shows, but they showed that the were doing great these season no matter what. Surprising because both shows had something going on as far as setup. The two shows I mean were The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. SHIELD was setting up its mid-season finale game, while The Flash was kicking off the “The Flash vs Arrow” 2 night crossover, which was a tough thing to jump into seemingly for a new show in its first season, I can tell you it did good. So lets start from the first show out the gate:


The Flash was this series this season that kicked off new superhero shows. Slowly but surely, superheroes have started to take over media. For a genre built from comics that mostly sat in animated mediums, it is a genre that has taken strides. DC Comics has hit this running. With a record number of shows both on the air and either in production or contracted to be created, currently DC is the leader in live action superhero TV. I already said all over twitter and anywhere else I can be heard that Flash is the best. Tonight showed that.

The episode starts with our classic opening of Barry, played by Grant Gustin who has grown to be our fav hero, filling us in on his thoughts at the moment. We learn a little more about Barry each episode and what makes him tick. The one thing I do wanna say about Barry which differs than most heroes, Barry likes being a hero. Barry revels in the idea that he has powers. He enjoys it. Last episode we were able to see him make every drink for the coffee shop line just because he was impatient. He’s the type of character that shows what happens if a comic geek got superpowers what would they do. In this episode we get what comic readers wanna see when they get together and all disagree on whose the best.

The episode starts with a bank robbery by a metahuman who can hamper ones ability to stop them from releasing their most primal emotions. Funny because it seems all the people in the shows primal emotion is being pissed off. Like no one seems to wanna make out or anything, nothing wrong with fighting, but goodness talk about this going from Central City to Starling in the first 10 minutes. The bad guy gets away of course, which is par for the course since he never really gets caught until like 15 minutes before the show ends in some sort of science explained way. This show should be shown to kids in chemistry, it would kill.

After this Eddie starts going on a manhunt to start a task force to hunt down The Flash. Now this part I felt was slightly out of place. I always thought Central City was the place that loved their hero. In every iteration of The Flash, whether it be animated or otherwise, he was a character that saved lives at the cost of himself and the city loved him, i mean the guy has a museum for goodness sakes. I am still waiting on what comes of this, but it makes him more Batman/Arrow then The Flash. We build tension in the first 15 minutes that lead us to the appearance of Oliver Queen and Team Arrow. The writers for The Flash pretty much make Arrow a jerk. He spends the whole episode telling Barry that he pretty much is a loser. Now I know he’s new to this and things need to be learned, but did anyone forget that this is Central City and not Starling. We spent every moment that they were together with Oliver telling Barry how stupid he’s acting and to get over himself.

Well apparently I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, because Barry runs off saying he didn’t need Oliver’s help to capture Prism, as Cisco called him (anybody else thought this was gonna go as wrong as it did?). Well Prism hit Barry with his powers and disappeared. Well we think that after all the tests and everything Barry is ok, until he goes all “step off I’m not you dead boyfriend” to beloved Caitlyn. Then he snaps on his boss and Joe at the police department. So of course, everyone says he’s been “whammied”. I found this funny because if it had been Oliver it was normal. It was Barry so we thought “something is deathly wrong”, see the characterization there.

This about where we get what every geek watching has been waiting for. After Barry drags Eddie out of a moving car in front of Iris (seriously hope your ok Rick Cosnett), we get Flash versus Arrow. Now the part that made me laugh the most was Diggle, Cisco, and Caitlyn literally had the “Who would win in a fight conversation”. They bantered about speed, powers versus none, experience, intelligence. They went thru everything before Felicity did the non-fan thing and said “are we really doing this”. The fight ends with a arrow to Barry’s leg, Wells and Joe curing him, and Cisco calling it a tie. The metahuman is captured off screen. Which made me think I missed something but not care. Mainly because he was only there to get the fight going. Throughout the episode we are also shown various reason on how both heroes are different.

Arrow was not welcomed with open arms in Central City because he was an “unknown variable” and because of the injuries.death he leaves behind. Also he left Flash with a parting gift, Eddie got his task force to pass and Iris wanted him to stay away. Damage done. The cities both have the same producer and minds behind them but have two different feels. Its why I feel the show has done well. Yes, they both are in the same universe. Yes they crossover. But you could see that this was still The Flash. The humor and heart was still there. Also the comic book surprises. The Flash is a comic book on screen while Arrow is a noir tale. Thats the feel.

Also I may have left something out….SPOILER…after all the credits we get a shot underneath a bridge. A group yells at the seemingly homeless man telling him that it is unsafe to be underneath the bridge. At the point the figure gets up and the camera pans around as the man engulfs himself in flames. It is revealed as Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm. So we are left with questions like how did he get out of the reactor to get to the bridge? Since he’s two people in one body, who was that in control? Also, how are Caitlyn and Cisco going to react? We did not get a preview for next week, instead we received a preview for The Flash vs Arrow Pt 2: The Brave and The Bold, but next week is a new episode so I’m guessing its Ronnie Raymond. You think he will be Flash’s new bestie?

Agents of SHIELD after the cut….

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The end of ours/my childhood has come…I DIE!!!


Here at WestBorn, most of us were born between 1980 and 1990. So most of our childhoods consisted of cartoons throughout the week. Yet Saturdays were special. Wake up before your parents got up and make your way to claim the TV and watch the best cartoons ever. Saturday morning cartoons were devoted to the cartoons that could claim that they were the ITS of the cartoons. There wasn’t a cartoon that could touch them. From Scooby Doo to Muppet Babies to Street Sharks, there are numerous cartoons that could claim that they were able to positioned in one the coveted time slots that were between 8am and 12pm. Recently there was a huge decline in viewership for the shows that were shown on Saturdays. For a block on networks that could claim 11-20 million viewers, now could see less then 2 million. CW marked the last to close out its block as of Saturday September 27, it was the end. In honor of what we here see as the closing of an era, I mean no child will know the glory of Captain Crunch commercials or toy spots that make you wanna wake your parents up and make them run to Toys R Us. Seriously what child currently knows the theme song of Toys R Us, “i’m a big kid now” anyone? This was the time of the week where even advertisers would push to show that kids could push sales in a way that no other cartoon could. So here I wanna place just a few here that our staff thought were great shows that they loved. Shows that made them remember their childhood. You won’t find the common. You might only see shows that didn’t long. Yet you will smile.

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Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson going to do for DC Comics what RDJ did for Marvel?

Dwayne JohnsonSeptember 3rd, 2014 is a Wednesday. I’m stating that because for most comic book fans this is the day you file down to your favorite Local Comic Book store and pick up your favorite books to get caught up for the week. Yet also, this has become a day known for dropping large news in the world of comic books. This date being no different. For years Dwayne Johnson has let us know his interest in playing the character Black Adam. The character is a DC Comics character that is actually one of the companies oldest, going back to 1945. His interest has gone from being prepared to produce a film featuring the anti hero to putting himself side by side in pictures and making sure he was in tip top shop  shape to play the character.


The news was first announced via Johnson’s twitter:

This was news I’m sure all were waiting for. But as I read this I started to think “about time”. I also wondered could this finally be casting that fans and movie watchers alike didn’t have to worry about? Could it be the Robert Downey Jr of castings?  I know most don’t truly get what I mean. It’s an odd thinking, but believe me in the short span this news dropped I’ve actually given thorough thought. Keep reading as I explain.


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