The end of ours/my childhood has come…I DIE!!!


Here at WestBorn, most of us were born between 1980 and 1990. So most of our childhoods consisted of cartoons throughout the week. Yet Saturdays were special. Wake up before your parents got up and make your way to claim the TV and watch the best cartoons ever. Saturday morning cartoons were devoted to the cartoons that could claim that they were the ITS of the cartoons. There wasn’t a cartoon that could touch them. From Scooby Doo to Muppet Babies to Street Sharks, there are numerous cartoons that could claim that they were able to positioned in one the coveted time slots that were between 8am and 12pm. Recently there was a huge decline in viewership for the shows that were shown on Saturdays. For a block on networks that could claim 11-20 million viewers, now could see less then 2 million. CW marked the last to close out its block as of Saturday September 27, it was the end. In honor of what we here see as the closing of an era, I mean no child will know the glory of Captain Crunch commercials or toy spots that make you wanna wake your parents up and make them run to Toys R Us. Seriously what child currently knows the theme song of Toys R Us, “i’m a big kid now” anyone? This was the time of the week where even advertisers would push to show that kids could push sales in a way that no other cartoon could. So here I wanna place just a few here that our staff thought were great shows that they loved. Shows that made them remember their childhood. You won’t find the common. You might only see shows that didn’t long. Yet you will smile.

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Ben McKenzie is headed to police “Gotham”


Today things have been in an uproar!! Well not really but i thought I would say that for some reason. But I can say i was over the moon. So much that I tweeted actor Ben McKenzie. Why, you ask? Its because he has been cast as the young James “Jim” Gordon. Who all of us comic readers who are in the later parts of reading, he is now known as Commissioner Gordon. The actor will be apart of the cast and will soon start filming in NYC. This series has been alot of talk because when it was announced it already had a 12 episode pickup from Fox. Big because they haven’t even shot the pilot yet!  With news about DC’s Hourman and Flash coming to the small screen, i’m guessing Fox wants to make sure that they are up in all the comic fanboy hype. I wasn’t upset because I can see Ben as Gordon. He just comes off with the look. Most recently Ben McKenzie was seen playing a cop on TNT’s Southland. Of course, most of you who haven’t seen his recent work, know he was formerly on The OC. He has become so much more. If you haven’t seen the series Southland. Please check it out.



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Tech Tuesday: Google is nesting!!!


On Monday Google purchased the company Nest for 3.2 billion in cash. This gives Google another link to the home. With their currently launch Google Chrome for TVs and home. I’m curious about how this will impact. Many users on the internet joke that you will need to sign up for Google plus before using the system. Google has not released this sort of news in a few years. I’m excited for the implications this acquirement could have. Its good for companies to push each other in the small tech market of Apple,Windows, and other tech companies. Now to see how all of this will apply in the future. What do you think?

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