Where Were You When Daredevil Debuted?



Friday April 10th 2015 marked a milestone for a lot of reasons. It was the end of the week. It was the beginning of actual spring days on the east coast. Apple enabled the ability to preorder the Apple Watch. But for Marvel Comics, It was their chance to break into another forum. They already created the Marvel Cinematic Universe thru TV and movies. A new horizon debuted in April, Daredevil first of The Defenders debuted at 12:01am PST. Daredevil would be the first of a set of grounded heroes that would make their debut on Netflix, culminating in the miniseries “The Defenders”. Daredevil is a character who defends Hell’s Kitchen in New York. He has been thru many iterations, from Red and Yellow to the leader of The Hand. Daredevil also was one of the Marvel heroes who had a film history prior to Marvel creating and producing their own films. So Marvel made a deal to bring Daredevil back and do with him what they feel the character needs. So now he’s here. The show introduces us to the world within the MCU. Have you ever wondered how the average person lives? How can all of the Shield and Avengers things happen on such a grand scale, yet we don’t see the “every man’s” impact. That’s what Daredevil shows us. We meet the criminals and mobsters behind Hell’s Kitchen of Marvel. Besides an origin of Daredevil, we are also given a light into what made Wilson Fisk the “Kingpin”. Currently I’m half way thru the series and it truly is gripping. The show has a darker tone in both the look and the feel. The best part is the action and story. In the fights that Daredevil takes part in he takes a beating. Now most who only know of Iron Man, Captain America, and the such, you would find this odd. Why is the hero getting his ass handed to him?  Well your answer is…HE’S NORMAL!! Besides the heightened senses, Daredevil is a normal guy who happens to be able to take a punch. He is listed as having Olympic class abilities. But, that still makes him a normal human being. So in the show when he takes on a group or an assailant with a weapon, he has the same risks to himself as you or me. I enjoyed the fact that they kept Daredevil as true as possible. Now I am curious what big bad The Defenders will face and how each will tie in. The series so far is amazing, I mean the second episode introduced  the leader of The Hand, Night Nurse, and The Owl (maybe not by name, but we can assume). I’m digging the show and hoping that the others follow suit. The next Netflix/Marvel show on the docket to be released is Jessica Jones, which will introduce Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Here’s to the next foray into a new place for Marvel Studios.