Food Fight!!!


So last year I was online, on Facebook mind you, watching one of those short videos. You know the one. The one where your friends post, pointing towards some emotion or action that everyone has. I think this one was saying “your reaction when the food is that bomb”. In the video this woman takes a taste of this food and immediately in her mind all her clothes rip off and she sounds like she’s climaxing, sorry to the young readers. Well I was curious what this was. It was clearly anime. It was clear, that it had to be something dirty. I was deathly intrigued.  Well i searched and searched and searched. To my luck, the show had not premiered yet. The show was known as Shokugeki no Soma. The series, created by Yuto Tsukuda with art by Shun Saeki along with collaborator Yuki Morisaki, was created in 2012 with initial publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump in November of that year. The series follows Yukihara Soma as he journeys thru school life at the prestigious Totsuki Academy. He is a first year along with other first years, like Nakiri Erina and Tadokoro Megumi, trying to become elite chefs. Soma was raised by his father in his family’s restaurant. They would do fighting competitions there for the entertainment of the patrons, which Soma never one. Which would get you thinking because at Totsuki they have a Shokugeki or Food War, similar to the cooking battles you see on tv, to resolve disagreements at the school. This series, for me, was amazing. It had gotten to the point where with friends I made it my life to get people to watch. A friend of mine got so into it he would jazz up his recipes, like Soma would, and text me with the hashtag Shokugeki. The cool part is the collaborator Morisaki is a real chef. So each and everything cooked in the manga and anime can be done at home. There are numerous videos online on YouTube showing how to prepare some of the most popular meals. With season 2 headed to the tv screens in summer season 2016, I can’t contain my appetite. This,I feel, will again be a show to watch. With the conclusion of the Elections and the coming of the Summer Festival Arc I can see some great things coming.


Click to hear about Food Fights in Toriko and to see eps 1 of Food Wars and Toriko below the cut

Imagine a different world where food grows on trees, where animals of the imagination exist that can be used to create food the can revitalize the body. Macaroni and cheese mountain, chocolate milk snow, creamed mushrooms growing from the ground. This is the world of Tokirko. Toriko is a world where gourmet food is life. In the series the main character Toriko is a gourmet hunter. A person who searches the world over for great ingredients to create meals that will be famous the world over. Toriko is known in his world for finding over 6,000 different ingredients. Which in this world is amazing because along with there being so many different plants and animals to be food, each has different capture levels. The higher the capture level the harder the item is to obtain. Along with that he has tangle with other organizations and people who want to obtain foods or do things against his personal code out the laws set out in the world of the story. This show i had heard about but never really given it a chance. The show concluded at about 144 episodes give or take a few specials and a movie. I became aware when the series crossed over with my favorite show One Piece. Which I can say this guys appetite is on par with Luffy, One Piece main character with a bottomless pit for a stomach. The series follows the main character along with his friends as he looks up new ingredients, helps on quests, and fights those in opposition in hopes to create his perfect courses for his table. Each Gourmet Hunter has dishes that they feel are their perfect representation of themselves. So far Toriko has one, thats right one out of the 6,000 ingredients he has found. The series created and illustrated by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, has quickly entered my top 20 of shows. I have yet to read the manga, which goes farther and deeper then the anime. But I am tempted to pick it up. The humor makes you laugh out loud, like Shokugeki it illustrates the foods texture and taste to a more then tempting level. This is a series to watch.

These two series I wanted to write about because I’ve noticed that I’m picking up on shows that are about food. These shows give me the same feels that series like Top Chef and Iron Chef give me. Who knew that i’d like two shows both about food competition but show it in two totally different ways. Hopefully you will give them a shot. You can catch both on Hulu. With the links provided below, along with the first episodes. Also season 2 of Shokgeki no Soma is coming this summer. If you click the Crunchyroll link on the side of the site you can get a free trial plus support the blog. Hope you enjoy, trust me you’ll at least get hungry.

Bon Appétit

Shokugeki No Soma aka Food Wars! on Hulu

Episode 1

Toriko on Hulu

Episode 1






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