Can music save the Galaxy?




It is the year 2067, we are in a part of the galaxy known as the Brisingr Globular Cluster. In this world that we think is peaceful and cool we meet Freyja Wion, a Windermere from the planet of the same name. We also meet the earthling Hayate Immelmann. If your watching this series its dated years after the past series Macross Frontier, which I haven’t watched sorry lol. I was coming into the series pretty much cold. I just new it was big robots and that the description stated that a conflict with a certain disease is involved. Well the disease is known as VARS. The VARS syndrome causes people to become aggressive and normally multiple people at once. VARS in the beginning just seemed like a series of events that was random. Well we eventually learn that it may not be. In the series a war has now begun between the Windermere’s and the rest of the Cluster. Apparently something happened in the past, Windermere was scared, and they now want to free themselves from what they say is oppression. The series in that way seems like some of the Gundam series like Gundam 00.

The big reason why this series hit me, was due to another huge factor. The VARS syndrome can be controlled by waves in the series called “Fold Waves”. The waves can be generated by certain individuals. In the series there is a child of Windermere origin. This child has fold waves to not only bring about the VARS virus but also control it. Yet the main attraction of the series is the idol group Walker. The group is comprised of five girls, was four but Freyja joins in the beginning of the series, who have fold waves that when they come together quell the VARS syndrome. The main thing that had me writing about the series is that it gave the idol genre a different spin. When beginning the series I assumed it would just be weekly concerts and idol drama. Its why i never get into idol series. There are many tropes I just can’t understand. But Macross Delta is different. The series has a huge political background, with the Windermere planet feeling that they were treated unjustly. Walker also fights their own battle on the frontline. The Delta Squadron, which Hayate joins, act as part of the show doing aerials but also as members of the Galaxies army. Growing up as a military brat, I loved the air shows when i was younger so seeing them was pretty cool. Another thing thats something about this series is the production value. The series is produced by Satelight(Noein, Fairy Tail, other Macross Series, and Log Horizon), also directed by Kenji Yasuda(Noein and Arata:The Legend) written by Toshiba Nemoto(Log Horizon and Tokyo Majin). The care they took has been amazing. Currently i’m into both the stories, which have a hint of mystery like why did Freyja leave Windermere when she clearly loves it and they have started to hint something about Hayate’s father. The songs are also infectious. I plan on continuing watching. This maybe one of my fav anime of this current season. I am curious if the series will run more than 13 episodes due to spring season ending soon and summer season coming. If it runs more then 13 eps i’ll be excited. If it only runs the minimum then i’ll be looking forward to a second season, i’m sure it’ll have one.  Its a series that doesn’t stick to the mech genre or idol genre. Here’s hoping it sticks thru what it looks like its promising.



This article includes the snippet of fighting along with music to show more about the series.


Check out this weeks podcast to hear me talk more about the series along with other awesome series.



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