Journey into the West…Of Gunpla


I have always loved Gundam. The series came into my life with Gundam Wing. After that with shows like G Gundam, SD Gundam, Gundam 00, and now the Gundam Build Fighter series it’s truly a show that I find a piece that I love. The Gundam universe is huge and ever spanning. I normally watch the series that are set in an alternate inverse then the canon series. I bring this up because of the Gunpla.

Gundam models have been around practically as long as the series. I was never the kid who played with model anything. Not model cars, trains, I even got tired of building Lego models from the directions. So when I went to the Barnes and Noble near my area I was intrigued when I saw they were now carrying models from anime series along with comic books. I immediately felt drawn to the Gundam models. From there I looked for a figure that I could build while working. I chose Wing Gundam Fenice from Gundam Build Fighters. As a first time builder I thought that the fact that the instructions are in Japanese would hamper me. Yet, the pictures were detailed enough to help. It took about four hours to complete the figure. Mind you, I was working. Now after going thru the process, I’m intrigued enough to attempt another Gunpla. I’ve discovered there’s a community sound the series and a great many ways to show your own personality around the models.




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