My First Geek series….

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So people who come to the site may know about the podcast that we also do for the site. Well here we wanna let you guys in on the inner workings of that podcast. Also we wanna let you know what makes us “geeks”. So for the month of January we are gonna drop multiple podcasts. Ones that are shorter then our norm (like around 30 minutes). These podcasts will talk about our first geek experiences and where that has taken us. We will still discuss news and things, yet this will let you in on what brought us into our own. So check back each week on what makes us Geek. Also if you never listened we included our last ep about the Inhumans below. So tweet us at #MyFirstGeek and tell us your “First Geek” items, from anime to video games to comics and more. Also leave a comment on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podomatic for the show and tweet us @PaofKalEL on twitter.


The Asylum is open…


So tonight Monday January 5th, 2015, marks the return of our mild mannered law keeping cop James “Jim” Gordon to the screen. Tonight is also the night he starts his new job, security guard. Well at least after all he did last season during the mid season finale he has a job, in this economy that’s awesome sir. I will also note his job is probably worse now then it was before. Why you ask? Because he is now a security guard for Arkham Asylum, yes that Arkham. Tonight marks our first glimpse into the place that all Batman readers, cartoon watchers, and movie fans, have known for years. As far as I can recall, this will be the first time that Arkham will be shown in any of the Batman live action properties in detail. I’m excited to see where it goes. The show had problems in the beginning, with Gordon being very stoic and the archetype to a T of the boy scout with no faults. Also with Fish Mooney being over the top, scattered story lines that seemed disjointed and other things. By mid season a few things had been fixed, also with the hiatus time, there was time to fix more things. I’ve been a vocal supporter of this show because I love Gotham Central as a literary work (yes I said that because it’s so much more then the layman use of the word comic book, read it and you will understand). Tonight by adding Arkham they can add an element of drama, yet also add the suspense the show has truly been lacking. It can push Gordon into a corner and show that things are darker then he even could imagine in Gotham. Hopefully, I pray, they won’t use this to randomly add anymore people from Batman’s rogues gallery. One of my biggest misgivings of this series is the fact that they add numerous hints to the baddies that we know and love. IN adding these they lose their identity by trying to be loyal to the book. One thing I liked about Smallville and a few other DC properties is that if they did add a known villain, that person was still at risk of being killed or a change was made. We don’t need to show utter loyalty to the mythos. Reason being, most comic fans at this day and time know that they will change something, its a forgone conclusion. So they should take that freedom and if they add say Firefly, feel free to surprise us by killing him the next episode or make him a bigger threat. They should feel free to be their own property and work to just be a good drama. Saying all of this, I feel Arkham is a good start. Also you should watch closely tonight because a few familiar faces are making their debut with this return. Morena Baccarin(from Firefly and Homeland) playing Leslie Thompson a physician at Arkham debuts tonight. Well excited to see where it goes. I’ll be livetweeting the West Coast feed and on baited breath waiting to see the patients running the asylum.

Reasons why I’m loving the first full week of 2015…


The first thing that has me jumping up and down, the return of Hayley Atwell as the amazing Agent Peggy Carter. When I heard that Agents of SHIELD was gonna take a long hiatus for the winter, i was miffed. But when I heard Marvel and ABC were gonna fill that spot with Agent Carter I was so excited. Bringing us the behind the scenes story of SHIELD’s beginnings with Agent Carter, Howard Stark, and apparently a living Jarvis. I couldn’t be more excited. Besides bringing back the amazing actress who brought this icon to life ( i can say that because without Peggy Carter we wouldn’t have Sharon Carter aka Agent 13), we also have the return of Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark. With a cast being round out by Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse fam), Chad Michael Murray, and Lyndsy Fonseca (who played a spy on CW’s Nikita). I’m thinking this may be a one time event for us to see Carter and her gang, but I wouldn’t mind a small peek into their world every so often…..SO OVER THE MOON. Are you?

  Agent Carter premieres with a 2 hour episode Tuesday Jan 6 at 8pm on ABC

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