Comic Book Spotlight: Marvel’s Inhumans


In the last year, if you had the fortunate chance of watching ABC’s Agents of SHIELD and seeing the news around it, you may have heard inclining of a group called the Inhumans. Between the blue alien who was rumored to be Kree, recently this was confirmed. To mysterious writing that now leads to a city. To now Marvel Studios announcing that in 2018 we will be receiving an Inhumans movie. Many fans who are don’t read the comics or may not have been reading them long, may not know why this is a major occurrence. But think of it this way, Marvel Studios can not use the franchise of X-Men yet and the Inhumans would be a great way of filling that space. For all intense purposes the Inhumans are fundamentally mutants. You may debate with me but they kinda are. We wanted to spotlight them because along with all the TV goings on they have, the comics world for them is also getting a lot bigger. They are now in the spotlight in a way they haven’t been in years. It’s time we fill everyone in on who or what they Inhumans are and why you should be into them.

In 1965, the issue of Fantastic Four number 45 was released. This issue written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby would bring us a name that would become synonymous with a group that would have impact over the Marvel Universe for years to come. The group was known as the Inhumans. The Inhumans are a group of humans advanced by Kree technology. Now one thing I should point out is that this was done centuries before the modern Marvel Universe. Stan and Jack would write a story that would create a race of not only advance biology but also technologically more advance then anyone could imagine. A race that could fight against or with our more well known heroes. Also incorporating many of the cosmic species that they had created like the Kre and Skrull.

The story goes, that during the beginning of the Kree-Skrull war the Kree had set up a base on Saturn. From this base on Saturn they had become aware of primitive humans and noticed that they had a potential for more genetically. They wanted to use these humans to create a soldier to fight for them against the Skrulls. So they took primitive humans from Earth and experimented on them. Successfully creating humans that were advanced in every way. They eventually abandoned this due to a prophecy stating that eventually these beings would pose a threat to the Kree Supreme Intelligence. The Inhumans would survive and create their own society and go through a process called Terrigenesis. The process would cause issues so they would start a selective breeding process, creating a sort of caste system. This was the creation of the Inhumans and the royal family that we would soon be introduced to.


The Inhumans once introduced would face many of our known heroes both as enemies and as friends. The royal family, Black Bolt, Medusa, Lockjaw, and Crystal, would take up residents as Avengers or even members of the Fantastic Four during their history. On occasion series and miniseries would be published to no avail. The Inhuman Crystal would marry and share a daughter with mutant Quiksilver. Eventually when the Inhumans would return to their creators the Kree and take over Crystal would become the wife of Kree enforcer Ronan the Accuser, remember him from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Recently Marvel bring back one of their biggest and baddest villains Thanos. Thanos went rampaging through the universe in search of something that we would later find out was his son Thane. During this story, known as The Thanos Imperative, we recieved more details on the Inhumans. When the Inhumans returned to earth, the group we would gain history with would take refuge in the Himalayas, but there were others. The story states that there are many tries of Inhumans and that they were all spread out. During this rupture of their group Thanos would father a child with a member of an off shoot tribe. In the story he wanted to ensure that all his naturally born children were dead, Gamora is adopted for any readers who know of her. By stories end Thane was revealed and Thanos would be stopped, yet that wasn’t the major impact for the Inhumans. The major moment for the Inhumans came when their home, Atilan, was destroyed by a bomb setup by royal family members Prince Maximus and King Black Bolt. This bomb would spread Terrigen Mist throughout the world. This was impactful to the storyline, due to since the late 80s the Inhumans numbers had dwindled and they were not used as often. This storyline stated that Inhumans before going through terrigenesis looked human. They would become apart of human populace and the bloodline could be passed to children eventually masking the earth. This was major because then Inhumans could potential be anyone. This moment in Marvel carried the tag line “Are you Inhuman”. Throughout Marvel stories reveals would show were villains like Iron Man foe Blizzard or school kids or old women and men, were found to have Inhuman heritage. The cloud would spread through the Marvel universe and activate Inhumans worldwide.

Now we explain this because this marked the beginning of the new Inhuman series. The new series shows the lone ruler Queen Medusa ad how she will embark in this new world. The series, as of now just released issue 9, marks the beginning of a new era for Jack and Stan’s Inhumans. This comic launches readers to jump in and learn their history. But their future is on you screens possibly.


Starting midway through season 1 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD the TV series thing started showing that Inhuman connection maybe there. First a blue alien was shown with no name or story. This alien was started to be rumored to be a Kree. Also with a character named Skye on the series to have a mysterious background with possible connections to the alien it added to the rumors. Eventually writing reminiscent of Jonathon Hickman’s art from Secret Avengers would appear on screen. When Marvel Studios released the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and Ronan looked like the blue alien from SHIELD. Many started to wonder if Skye was possibly Inhuman. Eventually Marvel and its stars would confirm that the alien was Kree. But where would the Inhumans rumor hit a solid possibility? Two places. One, Marvel would announce its plans for Phase 3 and Inhumans was announced as a film with a date. Second, an episode titled “The Writing on The Wall”. The episode would inform us that the writing that we had been watching on the SHIELD since season 1 wasn’t writing, it was a map. It was a map of a city. At that point the city was rumored to Atilan. Atilan is the home of the Inhumans. During the episode known as “Ye Who Enter” we get to what is presumed the entrance of the city. But the big clue is not whats at the city but the conversation between the characters Raina and Skye. Raina tells Skye that they are something more. Skye asks if she means alien. Raina says no but they have the potential to be more than human. She could be alluding to the process of terrigenesis.

Between the comics, movies, and tv, there is so much potential for the franchise. Recently the director James Gunn spoke saying that he hoped Guardians of the Galaxy would expand the cosmic Marvel not the Avengers side. This could help due to SHIELD being a bridge between all the franchises this could be a way to show earth being a part of the universe. Earth is centrally the focal point in the Marvel universe, whether it be magic, cosmic, mutant, or hero, the main focus is earth. We can’t wait to see what this means.

If you would like to check out Agents of SHIELD and all on screen Inhumans conspiracy theories check out Hulu and ABC.

If you would like to read all about the Inhumans and their exploits, issues 1-9 of their current series is available digitally and at you local comic book retailer

Inhuman 001-000


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