Red and Blue…must be the main color to say “your caught”


So today is the day. What day you ask? Today is the day that marks the beginning of the next Pokemon game remake. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come out today as this post goes up. Its crazy, because one as I create the title its titled Red and Blue just the gem form of the colors, and two its starters are very reminiscent of the originals. I recently have gotten back into the genre or game, so to speak. About 3 years ago I purchased black, played it for less then an hour and put it down. Now what I wanna say is that I loved the franchise when it started. I had a regular Game Boy growing up and played Red and Blue. Received a Game Boy Color then played Gold and Silver. Loved them, used to invent my idea of my creatures in school with friends, and also trade Pokemon via cable with friends. But I stepped away after G/S. It seemed less enticing and tedious. Even more so with Black. Black had a lot of work with it. Back and forth, test and challenges. Things I never recalled from my childhood. So after an hour I gave up. Recently, back in July, I went back to Black (funny saying that since I loved that song) and started to play again vowing that I would fight thru and finish then head to X then finally get Alpha Sapphire(kismet since the one i started with was Blue). Also I need to note that even when buying the game I stayed with the tradition and bought the players guide, which I’m glad I did because this game was work. Black had more involved steps then any one I had played previously. Also, it seemed to have more of a second part feel after beating the Elite Four, who I had to battle twice. So now after beating Black and getting thru X, the day has come. I can join my compatriots in playing ORAS. I can join in exchanging friend codes, building secret bases, and mega evolving my Pokemon to battle on a whole new level. I’m curious how this game is different. How this game fits in the storyline, since canonically it should take place before XY which introduced mega evolving to the world. We shall keep an eye, enjoy the experience and truly see how it takes us on a whole new journey, hope to see every in Hoen.


Pokemon Official Site

Pokemon Official Twitter


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