Red and Blue…must be the main color to say “your caught”


So today is the day. What day you ask? Today is the day that marks the beginning of the next Pokemon game remake. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come out today as this post goes up. Its crazy, because one as I create the title its titled Red and Blue just the gem form of the colors, and two its starters are very reminiscent of the originals. I recently have gotten back into the genre or game, so to speak. About 3 years ago I purchased black, played it for less then an hour and put it down. Now what I wanna say is that I loved the franchise when it started. I had a regular Game Boy growing up and played Red and Blue. Received a Game Boy Color then played Gold and Silver. Loved them, used to invent my idea of my creatures in school with friends, and also trade Pokemon via cable with friends. But I stepped away after G/S. It seemed less enticing and tedious. Even more so with Black. Black had a lot of work with it. Back and forth, test and challenges. Things I never recalled from my childhood. So after an hour I gave up. Recently, back in July, I went back to Black (funny saying that since I loved that song) and started to play again vowing that I would fight thru and finish then head to X then finally get Alpha Sapphire(kismet since the one i started with was Blue). Also I need to note that even when buying the game I stayed with the tradition and bought the players guide, which I’m glad I did because this game was work. Black had more involved steps then any one I had played previously. Also, it seemed to have more of a second part feel after beating the Elite Four, who I had to battle twice. So now after beating Black and getting thru X, the day has come. I can join my compatriots in playing ORAS. I can join in exchanging friend codes, building secret bases, and mega evolving my Pokemon to battle on a whole new level. I’m curious how this game is different. How this game fits in the storyline, since canonically it should take place before XY which introduced mega evolving to the world. We shall keep an eye, enjoy the experience and truly see how it takes us on a whole new journey, hope to see every in Hoen.


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The end of ours/my childhood has come…I DIE!!!


Here at WestBorn, most of us were born between 1980 and 1990. So most of our childhoods consisted of cartoons throughout the week. Yet Saturdays were special. Wake up before your parents got up and make your way to claim the TV and watch the best cartoons ever. Saturday morning cartoons were devoted to the cartoons that could claim that they were the ITS of the cartoons. There wasn’t a cartoon that could touch them. From Scooby Doo to Muppet Babies to Street Sharks, there are numerous cartoons that could claim that they were able to positioned in one the coveted time slots that were between 8am and 12pm. Recently there was a huge decline in viewership for the shows that were shown on Saturdays. For a block on networks that could claim 11-20 million viewers, now could see less then 2 million. CW marked the last to close out its block as of Saturday September 27, it was the end. In honor of what we here see as the closing of an era, I mean no child will know the glory of Captain Crunch commercials or toy spots that make you wanna wake your parents up and make them run to Toys R Us. Seriously what child currently knows the theme song of Toys R Us, “i’m a big kid now” anyone? This was the time of the week where even advertisers would push to show that kids could push sales in a way that no other cartoon could. So here I wanna place just a few here that our staff thought were great shows that they loved. Shows that made them remember their childhood. You won’t find the common. You might only see shows that didn’t long. Yet you will smile.

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You might not wanna walk the woods alone anymore…

Wytches 002-000

I’m big on reading stories that give me chills. I enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with the feeling that something is behind you. Also I like a story that doesn’t follow the normal tropes, a story where you can’t guess what is going to happen next. Well this is exactly what I get from Scott Snyder and Jock’s Wytches. I had heard about it from one of my favorite podcasts iFanboy, where the first 2 issues have been pick of the week. I really wanted something to give me the same feel as Locke and Key. Wytches did that. The story seems to be following a young girl named Sailor Rook who is trying to get past some event that has happened to her. The event involved a bully and something that seemed to cause her family to want to watch over her also uprooting themselves to a new place. Part of what let me know that this series is going to take a different look at the genre of horror, if it is even going fully there, is that witches are not “witches” in the normal sense. From what I am gathering in the first two issues things involve a pledge. The mother seems to be involved in this some how also.

The art adds to the feeling of the story. It has a gritty feel but beautiful in nature. The art harkens to a feel to the genre but at same time it could be an illustration for a slice of life book. Of course that not what this is. The pages also have a feel that the book is older. The pages have ink splotches and a worn look. This adds to the feel. Each time I turned to another page I felt like the scene was going along and the anticipation of something happening was coming. I felt immersed into the next part. I picked up the first two issues and read them in one sitting. Currently issue 2 has just been released, I do suggest a read. If your not a horror reader that fine. This book does more of holding you in suspense and turning things on its head. I came into reading Scott Snyder thanks to Batman and Swamp Thing, this brings me in thoughts of some of his more suspenseful arcs in those books. I say this is a must read.

Wytches 001-006

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