Make all payments to the order of Wakanda


Well when Marvel were making their announcement for the Phase 3 of their movies, there were alot of things I was expecting. Movie names, yes. Castings, yes. Doctor Strange, yes. Doctor Strange was the casting I was hankering for. But there was a huge one I had no idea or even crossed my mind. That was Black Panther. I never thought that they would announce the king of Wakanda. I also didn’t think he would pop up in Captain America:Civil War and that they would just tell us. Well they did announce it. Not only that but they told us who would be playing him. Actor Chadwick Boseman, who you may all know from Draft Day and Get on Up, has been cast as one of Marvel Universes top 5 smartest men and king to one of the biggest nations in the universe. I honestly couldn’t be happier. I see it. Now all i need is to SEE IT! Black Panther is lined up to appear in 2017 and he will be a prince for now. I’m hoping he will appear in Avengers Infinity War. I mean he’s like the black Iron Man, so why not. In a sign of kismet Chadwick is also this month’s GQ cover boy. Boy was all this planned amazingly well. Check out his interview on newstands this month or on GQ website.


Steve Rogers(Chris Evans), T’Challa(Chadwick Boseman), and Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr)


Marvel Throws Down the Gauntlet…literally!!

Marvel Comics has brought it again. On October 28th 2014 they officially announced their Phase 3 films going until 2019. With the third Captain America and Thor, along with Doctor Strange and Inhumans. I feel we maybe looking towards a whole new look to the ever expanding universe. Also they have officially announced the coming of Thanos in a 2 part Avengers 3. Are you ready? I know I am

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We just launched our podcast!!!


We here at WBEB have been working on getting this thought up and prepared for a while. We are so excited to announce the first, of what we hope, are a family of podcasts devoted to whats on the site. The first is an all encompassing podcast, Userfriendly:Rated G. Userfriendly is a podcast devoted to all things geek. It is a place where you can write in and be heard. We talk about everything that you mostly see on the site and more. Also things we haven’t said. We go through our opinions on tech, anime, comics, manga, and more. You could call it a safe place. More podcasts will pop up and talk more on other subjects. You could call this a fun summary. You can find us in the iTunes podcast section or online at the links below. Trust me, I think it’ll be fun.

UserFriendly: Rated G on Podomatic

 UserFriendly:Rated G on Stitcher

Also check out episode 2 and 3. They are devoted to Halloween and everything scary