WBEB QuickCap: Gotham “Pilot”

this post does contain spoilers…so if you don’t wanna be spoiled watch the episode then come back for recap/review


Well we finally got the chance to see one of the most anticipated shows of this new season. Now there are a list of shows I wanna see this season, only one of which is on Fox. Nothing against Fox but they run slim when it comes to giving shows a chance. But lately thanks to The Following and Sleepy Hollow a little of that has changed. Well, Gotham brings us more excellence. If your a comic fan of DC’s Batman, then the series may have you. I say may because this series is more in the vein of Gotham Central. Gotham Central was a book about Gotham as a city from the eyes of the people who worked the streets for a living, the police. The series showed us how those who weren’t Batman still tried there hardest to both live in the city and protect the citizens. This is where the feeling of the series Gotham more then likely got its heart. Gotham I would classify as a police drama with a comic book background.

"I read somewhere that the term "Gothic" might possibly be derived from the word "Goetic" -- goes in the Greek -- meaning "magical." I'm beginning to believe that. If architecture could be used to focus and direct spiritual power, then... then... could it also be used for evil? " - Bruce Wayne

“I read somewhere that the term “Gothic” might possibly be derived from the word “Goetic” — goes in the Greek — meaning “magical.” I’m beginning to believe that. If architecture could be used to focus and direct spiritual power, then… then… could it also be used for evil? ” – Bruce Wayne

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Are you ready to be taken to a new world? Wizard World Richmond Recap: Oblitia

In Obliita, you command the most powerful gods, legends and monsters from world mythology in the battle for humanity, as you wage war against friends and foes alike. Use your minions unique elemental abilities to transform the terrain of the battlefield to suit your personal style and strategy. With their own elemental strengths and weaknesses, each terrain type can be used unleash epic levels of destruction upon your opponents.

This is the world of Oblitia. I had the honor of meeting 2 of the guys of the team at the Wizard World con in Richmond. When I first walked over I was curious. The name wasn’t one I knew or familiar with. The moment I walked up the first thing I noticed was the cards. They looked like a cross between trading card games and those cards they give out with codes on it for games. After I looked around for maybe 20 seconds is when I met 2 of the small team of developers. This became a meeting that had a great impact on me, as I’m just a casual gamer but I could see how this could become a huge game to everyone.

The game consists of over 300 creatures that you develop and cultivate. In the process they gain abilities that can effect the environment, weather, and terrain. Giving the potential for numerous variations on how the creatures can appear and react. Now like many that are reading I first thought of Pokemon. But you would be so wrong! The game is built to take the idea of an RPG, role playing game, but expand it in ways that other developers have never thought of, like quest battles and taking your online world to the next level. Imagine you and a friend talking about how you both have Agni, Vedic Fire God (one of the creatures from the game), you start talking about the features and attributes of your character. What you will start to notice is that your characters are nowhere near the same. The game allows for a true customization of your characters bringing you into a true experience of the game. After meeting and learning about the game from these guys I became super excited. I’ve always loved RPGs. From the simple games like Pokemon to games like Zelda and Final Fantasy. I feel this game will be right up there.

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Space Ghost Coast to Coast…well um er…Con to Con…Wizard World Richmond Recap: Cosplay

photo 1(9)Well readers, I had the fortunate chance of going to Wizard World Richmond recently. This was the first year of Wizard World bringing the Con here to Virginia. SO of course I felt fortunate and honored, most of all I had a grin ear to ear in being able to say I was at the first. I got to see Sean Patrick Flannery, Michael Rooker, Jason David Frank and more. The celebs I’ll hit you with later. This recap is all about the cosplay. Now if you have been to a con, whether its SciFi, Anime, Comic, or otherwise, you know there will be cosplay. Cosplay for the unknowing, is costume play. Its when a fan of the genre dresses up as one of their favorite character. It is probably one of the attracting things in going to cons. Yes you get to see celebs, yes you get to get exclusives just for you, and yes you get to nerd out at merchandise and vendors. But where do you get to go to meet people just like you that are at the peak of their love that they will spend who knows how long creating the likeness of their favorite characters. Not only do they have dedication, but they love when you know who they are playing. It’s the love of what they are doing. When I got to Wizard World, pratically an hour before the VIPs got to go to artist alley and the merchandise hall, I received my first “AAAAAAHH” cosplay moment. A young woman dressed as a Survey Corp Member from Attack on Titan. Not only was she cosplaying, but she had full manueveing gear. Like everything. I think i sat in awe as she put it on the whole time before I got up and asked for a picture. Also I spent 15 minutes in awe at the guy dressed as Space Ghost, who oddly enough us older knew who he was while younger ones were just in awe.

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Tech Tuesday: Apple Live Event 9.9.2014



Its coming….are you ready? Coming as if it was meant to be on our relaunching of Tech Tuesday is Apple Live! A conference that will possibly be the launch of the highly rumored iPhone 6. With rumors all over the internet and pretty much on everyone’s lips about the phone, we are ready. But also If don’t forget about more details about iOS 8, iHome, and a possible new iPad. This is gonna be a packed conference. In honor of that, we got you covered. So at 9PDT/12pm EST we are gonna bring you everything. We are gonna live blog about the event and our excitement. The conference starts at 10PDT, so being an hour earlier we are gonna talk about the rumors, what we expect, and what we are hyped for. We would also like to hear from you, our readers. Let us know what your thinking and what you wanna see. Its gonna be an awesome Tech Tuesday.



If you would like to watch with us the link is below. Also live chat with us. (click the link and join us. We will having a great time talking tech, Apple, and expectations)


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Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson going to do for DC Comics what RDJ did for Marvel?

Dwayne JohnsonSeptember 3rd, 2014 is a Wednesday. I’m stating that because for most comic book fans this is the day you file down to your favorite Local Comic Book store and pick up your favorite books to get caught up for the week. Yet also, this has become a day known for dropping large news in the world of comic books. This date being no different. For years Dwayne Johnson has let us know his interest in playing the character Black Adam. The character is a DC Comics character that is actually one of the companies oldest, going back to 1945. His interest has gone from being prepared to produce a film featuring the anti hero to putting himself side by side in pictures and making sure he was in tip top shop  shape to play the character.


The news was first announced via Johnson’s twitter:

This was news I’m sure all were waiting for. But as I read this I started to think “about time”. I also wondered could this finally be casting that fans and movie watchers alike didn’t have to worry about? Could it be the Robert Downey Jr of castings?  I know most don’t truly get what I mean. It’s an odd thinking, but believe me in the short span this news dropped I’ve actually given thorough thought. Keep reading as I explain.


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