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Like most everyone nowadays, I have my set shows and things I like to do. You sit down on each day and have things you like to occupy your time with. On say a Thursday I watch a few animes, I watch an episode of Chopped, then head to Undateable on NBC, and then Grey’s Anatomy. It’s my set regime. It’s rare that I give anything a spot on that schedule to each day. Well my Wednesdays just got a new friend. Brooklyn Beats and Eats. Brooklyn Beats and Eats is a new web series that encompasses the best of everything. The series produced by Dedalus Moving Pictures and hosted by Sheena Alexis Suarez is a new online series. The show goes behind the scenes of living in Brooklyn by taking viewers to the real heart of BK.


                                                                                                               Episode 1


Normally when I watch a series I either try to click with the initial episode or give it 3 to grab me. I do this because normally the “pilot” does a lot to show you exactly what the series will do. Not this series. BK Beats and Eats, immediately knows what it wants to do and where its going. The series theme is taking a look at hidden gems or things only locals would know or hear about. It takes you inside so you feel like a residents. Whatever you think you know about BK or Brooklyn, hang it up cause you’ll change. Besides exploring the aforementioned area, we also get a guest who, with our intoxicating host Sheena, cooks up one of their fav dishes and talks about what they do or just have fun in the amazingly decorated set. Then we finish off with a music performance from a great artist. I can say without a doubt, the concept feels easy to obtain but I’m always slightly skeptical.


The initial episode starts right in it. Bringing us to the Bushwick eatery/bar The Three Diamond Door. We meet the owner, Mike Ireland, and get a quick intro to the hot spot. We get a quick feel for what the dynamic of the show will be in these 2 minutes. Its easy, friendly, and lived in. It feels, like as viewers, we are a part of this area and that its gonna be a fun jaunt into our own backyard. You can tell this is an area our host, Sheena Alexis Suarez, knows pretty well. Then we get introduced to the guest for this episode, Lea LeDalaria of Orange is the New Black.

Sheena and Delaria from the beginning have an awesome dynamic. The one thing that caught me was the fact that it didn’t seemed forced or like one of those interviews, you know, the one where the host ask the standard question and the guest would rather be somewhere else. I literally could not stop smiling the entire time. It felt as if I was there, which is extremely hard to pull off to a watcher but it was done, well I might add.  I feel like now I wanna “french way” with all my friends. So after the bar time we head to the meat of the series, the cooking. Sheena and Lea take us to the kitchen to have Lea prepare us her family’s gravy. We get a look and breakdown of the ingredients and the small story behind it. We never get off track, as the conversation always steers near to the heart of the guest. We talk about Orange is the New Black, cooking, we have a little  humor and sing along, and of course cooking in the kitchen needs wine. Side note, I now know to put an onion in the fridge to prevent crying while cutting, thanks Lea.  What made me smile and click was the interaction between Sheena and her guest. There wasn’t that awkward moment. You know what I mean, the moment the host says something and the guest looks over lost and then does that awkward laugh before doing the “oh ok I get you” face. None of that was present. It was so easy. My favorite part was when Lea said she hates the word partner. I feel like someone said out loud what I’ve been thinking forever!!! Exactly “I don’t work at a law firm”. I could not stop laughing. The easy going coolness of the series brings you in. So we,as viewers, had the chance to really get a feel for one of our favs from one of our favorite new shows.


After the great “Eats” of the episode we were pleasantly brought into the “Beats” portion. We were introduced to the band Darling Din. The band, which is independent, gives a cool interview on what seems to be a rooftop. We are again brought in with a friend vibe. Doesn’t feel like your stereotypical band interview. They tell us how they came up with their name and what they have coming. You don’t feel like, if your a fan of the band, like you were slighted. They give you full information on the band and give you the chance to want to know more. Darling Din then goes to The Green Room. The Green Room, is a part of the set that gives you that chill vibe. I say that in terms of brought down and stripped. The performance we are given is literally them with three instruments, a drum and 2 guitars. There’s no huge band, there’s no auto tune, there’s no fluff to hide behind. The feel of the performance was like “dessert” at the end of the meal. Makes since that we would end in an awesome performance.


When you watch the series, which I suggest you do, I feel that you will get something out of part or all of the series. You can tell that love for Brooklyn. food, music, and just a good time, are encompassed throughout the series. The production value is amazing, the choice of intro music was great, and the end credits with the hosts mom telling the guests thanks for coming and seeing the production crew having a good time brought it home. When I say you have to see to believe is an understatement. The host Sheena Alexis Suarez has a real knack for making a guest feel like she’s your best friend and for bringing viewers in. This is something that I see a lot of shows doing but not many do well. If she keeps this up I see the world as this girls oyster. I’d love to see the series expand and maybe even end up on the Cooking Channel, which is where I see a series like this fitting. Here’s hoping that you guys give it a watch. I’m gonna keep giving it a view myself and see if I can steal a few recipes or even find new music to play on my iPhone for travels.


If you wanna watch more of the series or learn more click the links below:


Brooklyn Beats and Eats Official Facebook Page

Brooklyn Beats and Eats Official Youtube Page

Brooklyn Beats and Eats Official Twitter Page

Dedalus Moving Pictures


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