Never has it tasted so good…



Like most everyone nowadays, I have my set shows and things I like to do. You sit down on each day and have things you like to occupy your time with. On say a Thursday I watch a few animes, I watch an episode of Chopped, then head to Undateable on NBC, and then Grey’s Anatomy. It’s my set regime. It’s rare that I give anything a spot on that schedule to each day. Well my Wednesdays just got a new friend. Brooklyn Beats and Eats. Brooklyn Beats and Eats is a new web series that encompasses the best of everything. The series produced by Dedalus Moving Pictures and hosted by Sheena Alexis Suarez is a new online series. The show goes behind the scenes of living in Brooklyn by taking viewers to the real heart of BK.


                                                                                                               Episode 1

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