New Things are Coming…

From NYFW to awards season. Fashion editorials and behind the scenes with some up and coming people who are about to make their mark. We also have game news, anime daily round-ups and more. With trips to SDCC and Coachella on deck, we only have more coming. So keep looking out.




Never has it tasted so good…



Like most everyone nowadays, I have my set shows and things I like to do. You sit down on each day and have things you like to occupy your time with. On say a Thursday I watch a few animes, I watch an episode of Chopped, then head to Undateable on NBC, and then Grey’s Anatomy. It’s my set regime. It’s rare that I give anything a spot on that schedule to each day. Well my Wednesdays just got a new friend. Brooklyn Beats and Eats. Brooklyn Beats and Eats is a new web series that encompasses the best of everything. The series produced by Dedalus Moving Pictures and hosted by Sheena Alexis Suarez is a new online series. The show goes behind the scenes of living in Brooklyn by taking viewers to the real heart of BK.


                                                                                                               Episode 1

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