AMA Rocked…here’s one of the reasons


Anime Mid Atlantic

A little over a week ago I was fortunate enough to join in the celebration of the world of anime. June 13-15 the convention known as Anime Mid Atlantic took place. With various panels, guests, vendors ,artists and more, I was able to have an amazing experience. From cosplayers dressed as Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion to a squadron from Attack on Titan. Even one of my favorite animes Free! had a representation there.


Let the show begin..

Friday night of the Con, which also was the first official day, I had the great pleasure of watching the fashion show. Each of the participants looked amazing. From Jack from Rise of the Guardians to Chun-Li from Street Fighter, you could see the care and devotion that everybody took. I was astonished and smiled at each and every appearance. One of the highlights, I couldn’t attend the Anime Whose Line is it Anyway? Panel but during the intermission we got the opportunity to see it live. I couldn’t stop laughing. The category was “worlds worst” , with them saying the worst power was the notebook in Death Note and worst villain being the opening to Dragonball Z.

I can say it was a great highlight of the con, well one of the great highlights. Can’t wait to tell you about more. I mean I hear there was talk about Kill La Kill, Sailor Moon, paranormal science, Transformers and more. I think after cons I’m gonna need a vacation from all the excitement. I can say that I shall be there next year. If you would like to attend check out he official Anime Mid-Atlantic website. Register,sign up and join there Facebook page to get more info. You won’t lose, you will only gain. Also, keep watch on the site for more photos from the con, talk about the panels, and more exciting info.

Anime Mid Atlantic Official Site

Anime Mid Atlantic Facebook Page

Anime Mid Atlantic twitter


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