Take it away Ciel…IT’S COSPLAY!!!



So you all know that I had the chance of attending AMA, also known as Anime Mid Atlantic, well you all know it was fun. Well I should tell you one of the fun parts was everyone there. I got to attend with 2 of my closest friends. ONe of my friends is also my photographer on my fashion shoots, so I thought I may need him for photos. The other mainly just to keep me company. It was all of our first experience at a con. I can say that I have been around other anime fans, so don’t get me wrong. Only thing is I have not been around this sheer number at once, or any in cosplay.

I guess I should explain to you cosplay. Cosplay is short for “costume play”. Its when fans of some kind dress up in honor of what they are a fan of. You can find them at cons, tv, movies, pretty much it has taken the world by storm. Some people can even make a living doing it. I myself have not tried it, maybe I will someday.



The one thing I can say about fellow anime fans, they are a group that is the most welcoming group. Anime fans will talk to you about their fav series. They will try their best to welcome you in the brightest and warmest way. They could careless if your gay, straight, black, or white. The one thing I can say is that you see that when you walk around any con. You make new friends and you can talk to anyone.


Thank you so much to all the cosplayers who  allowed me to photo them. Also to all the ones that I had the fortunate ability to see. You guys were amazing. Next year I’ll have so many more.

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Easy Breezy


No matter what, still gonna feel good

A nice day look always has to feel easy. When putting this together, we thought about a good day by the ocean. That day by the pier where you just wanna relax, maybe by the lake, or even just that day where you wanna look nice without trying to hard and the weather isn’t too hot. This look inspires that coolness without trying too hard. Don’t you think. This look was thanks to Trunk Club. Trunk Club is a great site were you can join and get clothes chosen for you by a personal stylist. They take your preferences and they take the time out to find great looks just for you. Its a pretty great company. Takes the guessing game out of finding something great.


Jacket- K Way

Shirt- J Crew

Watch- Timex

Jeans- J Crew

Shoes- Tretorn

Styling- Patrick Gorny(instagram)(styling site) from Trunk Club

Photography- Lo Garcia

Take a beat…


Who says you can’t dress up for the mid day.


You know that point of the day where it’s still light out, yet its cool out. That may be the part of the day that is the most fun to dress for. Imagine just feeling cool. You can wear almost anything you want and enjoy the weather. It may be hot out but this is the time that could possibly have you smiling. Why not enjoy this bit of relief in the hot weather.


Sweater- J. Crew

Belt- J Crew

Shorts- Express

Photography- Lo Garcia


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AMA Rocked…here’s one of the reasons


Anime Mid Atlantic

A little over a week ago I was fortunate enough to join in the celebration of the world of anime. June 13-15 the convention known as Anime Mid Atlantic took place. With various panels, guests, vendors ,artists and more, I was able to have an amazing experience. From cosplayers dressed as Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion to a squadron from Attack on Titan. Even one of my favorite animes Free! had a representation there.


Let the show begin..

Friday night of the Con, which also was the first official day, I had the great pleasure of watching the fashion show. Each of the participants looked amazing. From Jack from Rise of the Guardians to Chun-Li from Street Fighter, you could see the care and devotion that everybody took. I was astonished and smiled at each and every appearance. One of the highlights, I couldn’t attend the Anime Whose Line is it Anyway? Panel but during the intermission we got the opportunity to see it live. I couldn’t stop laughing. The category was “worlds worst” , with them saying the worst power was the notebook in Death Note and worst villain being the opening to Dragonball Z.

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