Handsome Never looked so good….


I like finding new places, at least to me, to eat. So when my best friend Lauwel asked if I wanted to try a place he heard of called the The Handsome Biscuit, i was game. Now a few select friends and I love to check out new places. I wouldn’t say I’m a foodie but I know what I like. I will try anything once and I love trying new places. Whether they are fine dining, bars, hole in the walls are just whatever, I’m game. So this was right up our normal alley.

When he informed me of the place and piqued my interest, I looked the restaurant up on Facebook (we all know that all businesses at this point at least have one of those). Once there I got a feel for what to expect. The restaurant had a great look from what I saw and they post a detailed menu online. So I was game. They specialize in biscuit sandwiches. Cool part is, the biscuits are sweet potato biscuits (which I have never had before a day in my life). So now I was even more excited. So once we figured out the day and time,due to it having to be within a certain time because they are only open from Tues-Sun 8a-2p, we were raring to go.


Once we got to the restaurant, we noticed that it had to be popular due to the small parking lot being packed. We located a spot and started on our way. First thing you will notice, because I did< is that there was a line (i’m sure the fact that they are open during certain times and the food which i will mention later contribute to this). I didn’t hear any complaints or any talk of the line from anyone as they waited. There was music playing and I would like to say that there were five tables but my memory escapes me on that detail. One thing I can say is that there was no feel of chaos. Everything seemed to be working in a cool fun fashion, what you would expect from a place in Ghent. When we walked in we waited a few minutes and came to the head of the line where we saw the menu on the wall and the counter.



Everything was there laid out in a manner to make it easy to chose. Ingredients in detail, the names with puns toward some of the ingredients, the organized way that the items on the counter were set. It was cool. I languished on whether I would go with the choice I had been talking about for 2 days or if I would make my switch. Lauwel had chosen the Hella Fitzgerald, which sounded delicious.  I had my mind set on at least getting caviar on something, since it was on the online menu and because who wouldn’t at least try it once, so I knew something was gonna come of my choice. So I asked the guy at the counter, who of course I forgot to ask his name, what was a good choice as far as the caviar. He broke down choice of sandwiches that were good to put it on and the two types they had. So my choice was made, the Shorty with Black caviar(not he said the red was a little salty so may not work as much). So we both ordered. I also notice that besides a Facebook page, they also know a bit about technology due to them using an iPad and app program for their credit card orders (which I find cool so sue me). I would say the orders took maybe 5-10 minutes to make fresh. They had a few people working in the kitchen so it seemed to be a machine that worked well. Turning around after we made our orders and walking to our seat, I noticed that the line was practically out the door. Still no complaints, no fuss, no irate customers. We both, like we always do because as a food person its customary, we tasted each others sandwiches (DUH!!) The Hella was good. I’m not a fan of bacon in general(yes i’m like the only person alive I know) but with the gravy and the texture of the chicken, the taste was very easy. It was comfort, which you can only understand if you’ve had any southern type foods(fried or baked or something). I’d say it was a step up from Chikfila, but if you complain about price go elsewhere. It is worth every penny and its nowhere near that much. I had the Shorty, which was pretty basic as far as a sandwich. I had commented to Lauwel, that I think the Shorty is the type of sandwich built to add to. So it should come off as a bit basic.

I can say that this was a great find. I do see why they have positive reviews online. I can’t say it was the best i’ve had in my life and i’m going to heaven. What I can say is that I was excited to write this point. The staff was cool (the guy at the register picked up our trash and asked how we liked everything, also commented jokingly that i had joined the exclusive “Caviar club”). The decor was very cool and nice as a step away from the bustle of around the corner Downtown Norfolk. It reminds me of some of those places you would see in New York or San Francisco. It was a good time, with a good friend, over some good food.


If you stop by, say who sent you. Also comment and let us know what you think. I can’t wait to go and try the AC Slawter.



The Hella Fitzgerald- Fried Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar, and Sausage Red-eye Gravy




The Shorty- Over Easy Egg, Cheese, and added bit of luxury(Caviar)



Handsome Biscuit Facebook

Handsome Biscuit Website

Handsome Biscuit Location:

  • 2511 Colonial Ave
  • Norfolk, Virginia 23517