Ben McKenzie is headed to police “Gotham”


Today things have been in an uproar!! Well not really but i thought I would say that for some reason. But I can say i was over the moon. So much that I tweeted actor Ben McKenzie. Why, you ask? Its because he has been cast as the young James “Jim” Gordon. Who all of us comic readers who are in the later parts of reading, he is now known as Commissioner Gordon. The actor will be apart of the cast and will soon start filming in NYC. This series has been alot of talk because when it was announced it already had a 12 episode pickup from Fox. Big because they haven’t even shot the pilot yet!  With news about DC’s Hourman and Flash coming to the small screen, i’m guessing Fox wants to make sure that they are up in all the comic fanboy hype. I wasn’t upset because I can see Ben as Gordon. He just comes off with the look. Most recently Ben McKenzie was seen playing a cop on TNT’s Southland. Of course, most of you who haven’t seen his recent work, know he was formerly on The OC. He has become so much more. If you haven’t seen the series Southland. Please check it out.



Fox’s Batman Prequel ‘Gotham’ Taps ‘Southland’s’ Ben McKenzie as Gordon

Fox’s ‘Batman’ prequel casts ‘Southland’ star in lead role

Gotham: Ben McKenzie Cast in Iconic Role in Fox’s Batman Origin Series


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