5 Designers to Keep an Eye Out For


5. Brady Lange- With this list, I am planning on lining up designers who have struck my curiosity. Some you may know, some you may not, and some you may want to know. Its easy to assume that everyone in fashion are some of the big names. Not everyone is such. Some of the best lines are those that sneak up on you and make everyone ask “where’d you get that”. When asked those questions the pride wells up because you have the “in”.

Here I wanna profile designer Brady Lange. Like most I saw him on the commercials and information for the new Lifetime show Under the Gunn hosted by,of course, Tim Gunn(brought to us by the producers of Project Runway) . Immediately I liked his style and thought “wow whose the cute guy? But better then that, i love his clothes”. I immediately researched and became a huge fan. His website is very put together. It includes lookbooks, shopping, blog, and an about me section. He also has a Facebook page. I immediately wanted to profile him and saw him as the type of designer I wanna see making it globally.

Brady was born in Montana and attended to Art Institute of Portland, which he graduated from in 2008. He interned with Adam Arnold learning tailoring.  From what i see, he is in the process of designing for his Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. He has a great sense in design as far as using patterns. Throughout the clothes you can see an urban influence and thought to bringing a more grounded appeal to high end. I wouldn’t say that there is a similar deisgner to him, that’s why I wanted to profile him. I feel he’s one of the designers in a class thats taking what they learned and stepping out on a ledge to focus on what they truly want to do. He has three collection look books on his website. I can see that he will go far. Keep an out because I will and will be posting more to see what 2014 will bring him. Check out Brady’s first episode of Under the Gunn posted below and various links to interviews and information about Brady Lange.

Under the Gunn: Premiere Episode

Brady Lange Official Site


Brady Lange Clothing Facebook Page


Marrow Magazines interview with Brady Lange



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