So Complex Magazine has called me on my stuff!!!!!



10 Signs You’re a #Menswear Nerd

So perusing through my morning websites and I come across a small link for an article. Of course it’s one of those silly countdowns where you click through and see each slide for what it is. Most times I click, see things I like, and giggle a little(yes i did say giggle). Now the reason why this one made me stop, is that it IS an abundance of things that I myself do. I mean who doesn’t get sticker shock when they see how much cheese has gone up to? Am I the only one who is amazed that chips ahoys have gone up or I can’t get Pop Tarts for 2 dollars?(yes it sounds insane) Yet I will fork over 100 dollars for jeans. Yeah I’m that guy! This countdown may have been tailored(horrible pun I know) for me. Complex Magazine’s style section is probably in my top ten sites and today they truly hit it on the nose(or maybe I should say nicely made Italian leather belt).

10 Signs You’re a #Menswear Nerd:Complex




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