Fashion Alert!! FiveFour



I won’t say that this is on my list of Ones to Watch. What I will say is that it has me curious. The clothing company FiveFour is a company that states that if you subscribe for 60 dollars a month you can get twice that or more in clothes. Now it seems to be true. I’ve looked all over the internet, seen videos, and seen the celebs wearing it. Currently they have Eric Decker from the Super Bowl participating Denver Broncos (whoop whoop,rooting for you buddy). They also have a host of celebs from Denzel Washington to Mark Wahlberg who enjoy their clothes. My big question is since you don’t really know what your getting, how does the whole process work? How do they determine everything? As i look through their site and Facebook page, I honestly like what I see. I’m putting this as a fashion alert  because honestly i see a deal. Who can pass up 60 dollars for 2 to 3 items or more of clothes? I couldn’t trust me. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. If you join up,let me know. It sounds like an outstanding deal that even if you don’t exactly get what you want, still sounds good. I mean its Christmas and your birthday each month.

FiveFour Club

Use referral code RE102667 for a $15 discount on your first order!! Try it out!!



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