The Future: Top 10 Anime Predictions of 2014




D-Fragments or D-Frag- So finally we get to the runner up position. I chose today to mark the top 2 for certain reasons, each one being a different reason. This anime because I think today on Selfie Sunday a laugh is needed. This anime is hilarious. When I watch anime I normally watch my favorites last. I line them all up and decide in which order do I like them and the ones that I enjoy beginning to end are the last to watch (in case I need a pick me up after some bad anime). This is one of the few comedies I treat that way. Its about a delinquent who transfers into a new school. He brings with him his two best friends since childhood. First thing that was funny, his gang is called Kazama’s Party (that’s not the funny part), the funny part is everyone knows his best friends and all the trouble they’ve caused in detail but can’t place him, Kenji Kazama, the leader. Most delinquents in anime at least can be placed by reputation, not him. While getting an idea about him we meet the “Game Creation Club”, who are having a dilemma about adding an other member or the club is over. Yup, I’m sure you can see where this is headed. Hilarity ensues with the club dragging him in and every meta moment you can think of. These girls actually pull down the shades in a room and say I’m a “dark type”. I literally burst out laughing. I’ve posted the first episode here. ts something you have to see. With a class president whose as bad as he is, a club who pretty much manipulate the situations, and a best friend who is apart of his gang and is Vice President of the school yet we don’t know why he took the job. I find this show one of my Ones to Watch. Check out episode one. Its simulcast each Monday on Funimation’s website

D-Fragments:Funimation Home Page





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