The Future: Top 10 Anime Predictions of 2014



3.Z/X Ignition- One day a great calamity has come to the world. “Black Points” have appeared and out of them creatures from other “points” and worlds have appeared. They have devastated the world. This is the information we are given at the beginning of the series. I was on the fence about trying this particular show because in its description it blatantly mentions cards. Which can be good or bad. The first episode literally drops you into the action. Fighting begins, armies, and fights. This series doesn’t pull punches with the action either. Also, the animation is well done. The series is based off of a game and the animation stays pretty close to the game animation. We are alluded to various characters that haven’t been introduced yet and also of other worlds that we have not seen. The cards hat are mentioned are to house and contain the “Zillions of Enemy X” aka Z/X. They fight along with the humans for supremacy. I’m curious why,if they had devastated this earth when they appeared, are they working with humans. I’m sure the story will state this at some point. But I am enjoying the first two episodes and I anticipate liking the rest of the series.



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