The Future: Top 10 Anime Predictions of 2014



4. Future Card BuddyFight- Ok, so i know what your gonna say, your gonna talk about how this is a big kid anime and that it shouldn’t even be looked at. But I’m looking at its overall appeal. Right now series like Attack on Titan are on break and others like Strike the Blood started last year, so they are ineligible. This series is about monsters from another world partnering with humans in “our: world. Mostly i see kids battling with monsters in a pretty close to violent game, but hey we are good with that nowadays at this point thanks to YuGiOh and Pokemon. The thing i like about this series is it has humor, also the lead character is of course kinda dim but he likes to avoid fights. His creature would rather force his way thru the world. Drum Bunker Dragon is his creature, he’s a prince in the dragon world whose father doesn’t think he’s suited to rule. So he has to show he knows how to be an honorable ruler. So he partners with Gao. Its only in its 3rd episode and has a great quality for kids. This is the only one on the list that has an overall good for everyone in the family feel. You can stream the english dub on YouTube and Hulu. So check it out. Sometimes you just need that no nonsense anime to watch when your just hanging out. And yes the voice acting is over the top!!!





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