Batman/Superman Movie moving to May 2016! Strategic or already having problems!!



Most of the time when someone tells me that a movie that already has seemingly been on my “i don’t know” list is moving its opening date back, I smell issues. That’s what happened when I read the news from my inbox that Superman/Batman was being pushed back a year. I literally went “well this is not looking good”. DC and WB have been saying that this date opened up and they were happy to see how well it works for them. But they placed another movie, Peter Pan, into the slot which also hasn’t gonna into production yet. I thought it was odd. Now I am speaking in the past tense because I got a bit of other news in my inbox right after that. Apparently the date they chose is May 6th 2016, I’m sure most of us don’t keep every release date in existence written down. But maybe we should. That is also the date of an untitled Marvel movie. Marvel has locked in dates for all their future movies for the next few years. DC and WB have now picked a date that would put them toe to toe with Marvel/Disney. I started to think when I saw this that it may have been strategy. Also, that is 2016 date for Free Comic Day, the date that comic companies and local comic book retailers give special books away for free to customers. Was this planning once DC/WB saw the date on the calendar? Was this kismet? Hopefully the latter is true and they are hoping for more people to head to the theater because of the fanboy quality and not because they already are having issues. What do you think? I guess time will tell.


Batman/Superman movie bumped to 2016, sets up Marvel showdown

Batman/Superman movie delayed until 2016

Superman/Batman movie release date moved until May 6th 2016




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