The Future: Top 10 Anime Predictions of 2014



5. Witch Craft Works- So your just going by day to day living your life. No one notices you, bothers you, and sometimes your slapped or pushed to make sure you stay away from the most popular girl in school. This is your life. This is what you’ve gotten use to. Then one day something out of the ordinary happens. A piece of the school,large piece i might add, comes falling your way. You blink and BAM, your in the arms of the most popular girl in school and she has just saved your life. This is how the anime Witch Craft Works begins. Its the story of average everyday male Takamiya Honoka. The girl in question is Kagari Ayaka. She explains that she is a Craft Witch fighting against the Witches of the Tower. She also explains that she has always been with him and always protected him. Now she can protect him with his knowing. The show is full of comedy. His mouth always seem to get him in trouble, she takes his orders literally, and she always helps in getting them out of messes, be it causing alot of collateral damage. The Witches of the Tower seems to be after him relentlessly. Stating they after his “white stuff”, yes that is exactly how she said it. He seems to be the only guy in the series so far. There are alot of comical things to laugh at in the series. I’m sure like most action/supernatural/magic/comedy animes there will be a serious section of the show. I’m still trying to place which anime shows this series reminds me of, but i’m laughing at its lightheartedness. Let me know what you think in the comments. Curious how this show will do…..



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