The Future: Top 10 Anime Predictions of 2014


6. Mahou Sensou:Magic Warfare- Takeshi Nanase seems to be your average freshman in HS. He has a home life where he’s kinda kept to himself, he has a seemingly over attached girlfriend, and a friend who gives off the bully vibe. But soon we learn this is a facade. The family is fake, which we haven’t learned why he is with them, and the girlfriend is just pretend(she’s just his childhood friend)—why would you need to fake that, but i digress. All of that is blown away when a girl passes out in his arms on the way into summer classes. The girl, Mui Aiba, after waking up shoots and misses him with her gun and that’s where the craziness begins. She apologizes and informs him that he has become a magician and that there is a war going on that is taking place in an alternate plane from his own. The story seems to be action packed. Currently it has just released its second episode. His friends have also gained magic powers(of course they have, we all know anime isn’t anime without the lead guy dragging his friends into the madness). We learn of the bad guys, Ghost Trailers, and the good guys. They now attend Subaru Magic Academy and enter into the fray. I like the animation and the humor. I can tell there is an underlying story with Takeshi getting one of the major good magicians old weapons and ominous characters appearing throughout the second episode without introductions. So i’ll keep watching and see if it lives up to what it seems to be trying to do. What about you? Would you try it? What do you think of Mahou Sensou:Magic Warfare


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