What is it with “Girls”



So finally sitting down and watching the Globes. One of my good friends actually said she was “hate watching” Girls on HBO. I myself was intrigued by the Matthew/Woody duo for the premier of “True Detective”. But after attempting to watch “Girls” and discovering my inner hippie white girl didn’t get it….I GAVE UP!!! I furthered my night by entering her rant. I discovered that I literally had no idea on what precisely was going on with this show. What exactly makes people watch? I’m a huge promoter of scripted tv. I would rather employee actors and support people with real talent then people who run around making a fool for money and fame. But this show confuses. So i watched the premier this season and actually laughed at the snarky characters being snarky at Lena Dunhams character. So what i’m looking for in this article is trying to discover,who watches this show? What demographic and group does it cater to? I may go into the season and attempt to see what actually makes the show the Golden Globe winner it is. I would love the comments to include what makes you watch the show.


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