The Future: Top 10 Anime Predictions of 2014

As the new year begins a new season of TV has begun. That’s the same for japan. If you are the same as me,with your vast interests, then your probably ready to go. The only thing is you never know what to watch because of the quantity. So today we are posting our predictions for the top ten shows to watch. This is apart of our “Top Ten” series. This article will hit you with the top ten anime that hopefully will start and end outstandingly. We are thinking that these will keep you going, grab you, and make you want more. Only requirement is that the anime had to start in the New Year. There are alot that started around November or December,but come on that wouldn’t be fair. So here’s the number 10 on the list:


10. Buddy Complex- The show seems to focus on Aoba Watase. He’s pretty much that “cool guy” student. He has friends, does well in school, and seems to enjoy life. In the first episode we see that he even goes to his school to support one of his best friends who injured himself. Well that sure sounds like a great guy to me, which means in anime its a setup. We knew it would be, since at the beginning of the show/series we see energy swirling in the sky, foreshadow much. Also there’s a girl that many comment always seems to be watching him. We later find out this girl, Hina Yumihara, is from the future and watching him. The first episode sets up a few things about the series. Aoba is somehow important, because Hima came from the future to save him while another person came just to kill him. Another detail is the “time wormhole”,the one from the beginning. is still open informing her to fly them thru. By the way when i said fly i never informed you,this show has mechas in it. Literally they are everywhere!!!! Watch the trailer. We haven’t seen yet why its been titled Buddy Complex. But alot of characters were introduced in the end of the first episode climax. So i’m sure we will see soon. 


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