The Future: Top 10 Anime Predictions of 2014



9.Noragami- So imagine if you were an up and coming god. Now imagine that as a god you are supposed to have followers and worshipers and people to fawn over you. Now you can come back to reality cause your a god who people don’t even know exist and sacred that’s a description of Noragami. Its hilarious from the onset.  Yato is the god i mentioned you to imagine yourself as. Literally the first five minutes his sacred treasure wants to leave and he tells her ” its customary to give two weeks notice.”. Well our eyes and ears in the series is a character named Hiyori Iki. She saves Yato from an on coming truck and then the even more hilarity ensues. I mean come on what kinda god are you to be saved by a regular girl? And who are you to save a god who you don’t even know? Wel the opening shows we are gonna meet lots of other up and coming gods. So check it out. Its our number 9.


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