Selfie Sunday Spotlight- NewNowNext “10 New Years Resolution’s You’ll Wanna Keep in 2014”


It’s New Years!!! We all know what that means, resolution time. When the new year begins we all come up with various things we wanna accomplish. We each make a list of things that we wanna be able to do that we feel would be good for us. Problem is that most of us never accomplish these to the extent we want or we totally give up. This isn’t about a focus on being a model or quitting smoking. Most of us create these resolutions that are so broad, so strong, and hard even for a regular day. Also resolutions have a huge connotation to them, being made on New Years seems to give them more of an extreme. Each time we do this, if we don’t accomplish them to their utmost we get frustrated and quit. Well recently I came across an article on the website NewNowNext. This particular article takes on the subject head on and discusses it. The article speaks to those of us who get discouraged at not losing that pound or not going more then 2 days without a cigarette. The article speaks to making a smaller resolution. Maybe one a week or even one a month or day. One of my favorites is getting offline for 2 hours a day. Literally, you could go for a walk or even brunch with friends. Even if its not two hours,it can be any amount of time you choose. There’s a list of ten that they came up with. On this Selfie Sunday Spotlight, i think this is great. Creating a smaller resolution that is more feasible and can give you that boost to get to the bigger resolution. Giving yourself that sense of self each day will help give you that boost to try something different. I suggest you read the article. Also, let me know in the comments about small resolutions you would like to accomplish. I’d love to hear feedback. I myself may try a few. Who knows? I think it would be pretty awesome.


“10 New Years Resolutions You’ll Wanna Keep it 2014”


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